Sex & intimacy therapy


Through Sex and Intimacy therapy I offer a deeper dive into the issues affecting your sex life and keeping you from the sex, intimacy, connection and satisfaction you desire. Often, after completing the Erotic Blueprint Coaching with me, clients find they desire to move through deeper issues that have been uncovered or want more skills and support in particular areas. Through Sex and Intimacy Therapy we can address how to develop and deepen emotional and sexual intimacy, learn more about adult attachment styles and how to create more secure relationships, address experiences of sexual trauma, explore issues with boundaries, address emotional trauma, difficulties with ejaculation and climax, infidelity, painful sex, challenges with with arousal and desire, shame, body image,  pre and postnatal sexual concerns. We can work more on communication, medical and physical issues related to sex, chronic illnesses, emerging sexual identities, alternative lifestyles and cybersexuaity. Often I will offer Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, EFT(Emotional Freedom Tapping), guided imagery and other tools to deepen, release and create the sex and intimacy you want and deserve. I offer customized packages to meet your specific needs and desires.  Packages are usually created in sets of three, six and nine sessions. 

I  will support your sexual expression and never pathologize your experiences, desires, eroticism, fantasies or issues. I am trained to help individuals and couples navigate their sex lives and relationships and create the sex and intimacy they desire. I believe a great relationship with gratifying sex is created with a sense of safety, intimacy, trust, openness, communication  humor and playfulness.

For Individuals

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I support  many clients like you to resolve sexual difficulties, deepen into relationship and become the erotic self they wish to be. Clients heal and feel more freedom to explore and express their full sexuality. Sex and Intimacy Therapy for individuals addresses the root  causes of issues and helps you heal. It also helps you develop more understanding, compassion and skills to have the intimacy and sex you crave.

For Couples

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Sex and Intimacy Therapy with me offers many new tools for couples to deepen their connection and erotic relationships and have great sex. New levels of intimacy, connection and pleasure are reached through exploration, learning new skills and communication practices. I help you become an Erotic Team and create a more secure, connected and passionate relationship. Sex and Intimacy Therapy addresses the root of the issues and helps you develop understanding, compassion and skills to heal together.

Sarah’s Erotic Blueprint Coaching transformed our sex lives. We were stuck and looking for help to spark our passion. Sarah helped us understand each other better and opened our erotic communication. We’re having the best sex of our lives-even better than when we first met.
— Reuben and Maya