erotic blueprint coaching

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Are you familiar with “The Love Languages”?

The Erotic Blueprints are similar to the love languages in that each and every one of us has our own erotic wiring which speaks to how our bodies respond, how we feel turn-on and how we best receive pleasure. The Erotic Blueprints are like your “Sex Language”.  Through Erotic Blueprint Coaching you will learn how you are wired erotically, your pathways to arousal, how to ask for and communicate what feeds your erotic blueprint. You will also learn to decipher the Erotic Blueprint of others and how to feed them. This program is a perfect way for individuals and couples to reach new levels of passion, satisfaction and sexual fulfillment.

Through Erotic Blueprint Coaching  you will uncover more of who you are as a sexual being, learn a language to communicate your sexual needs and desires, understand and overcome sexual differences in relationships and create deeper compassion for one another. Erotic Blueprint Coaching will help you access new states of arousal and satisfaction, create more passion, fun, connection and feel more fully alive.

The Five Erotic Blueprints are:

ENERGETIC: Aroused by anticipation, space and tease. Prefers light or hovering touch, eye contact and emotional connection. They are very sensitive and need time to assimilate sexual touch; too much too fast turns them off.    

SENSUAL: Aroused by having all of their senses engaged. Clean/un-chaotic mind and environment is very important; comfort, ambiance, romance and sensory play. They can often feel stuck in their head and have a hard time dropping in.  

SEXUAL: Aroused by nudity, straightforward sex, orgasms, penetration and direct genital contact. Sex is fun and used to relax. They can be very forward, may need a feeling of extreme certainty about sex happening and can get stuck in a narrow view of sexuality that can be goal-oriented.   

KINKY: Aroused by taboo. This may include power dynamics, creativity/fantasy in sexual play, restraint, high sensation, pushing edges. They often have deep shame about their taboo desires.   

SHAPESHIFTER: Aroused and fluent in everything above, endlessly creative, needs variety, large capacity for sexual pleasure. Often feel unsatisfied as they can shift easily to giving others what they desire.

Erotic Blueprint Coaching is for Individuals and Couples:

  • Do you want to uncover what’s really holding you back in the bedroom?

  • Do you feel you are not having as much sex as you’d like?

  • Do you feel stuck in finding what turns you on?

  • Have you ever felt like you and a partner just didn’t seem to be speaking the same language in the bedroom? 

  • Do you and your partner have different libidos?

  • Do you feel like your partner just doesn’t get you? 

  • Do you want to deepen intimacy and connection with your partner?

  • Are you looking to rekindle your sex and desire?

The Erotic Blueprint Coaching Program is truly Revolutionary!

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