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I am an Erotic Blueprint Coach & Sex and Intimacy Therapist


I believe that each of us can live a life filled with vitality, eroticism, passion and love. I believe the more embodied we are, the more capacity we have to make positive choices for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and for the world. It is my passion to help awaken and support the capacity within each of us to be our most present and responsive selves for ourselves, with others and to contribute to a more connected and caring world.

What does eroticism and passion have to do with embodiment? In my experience it’s essential. We are born to live fully in our bodies, with presence, deeply connected to ourselves and others. And when we do we are able to listen to a deeper wisdom that can guide our actions and choices. Our ability to experience pleasure and especially experience sexual pleasure is a kind of pulse that moves through us. We come from sex. Sex and sexual energy is in us. Most of us have not fully claimed our sex. We have not claimed and celebrated our sexual expression. In fact, many of us are lost. I was once lost too.

I had a medical emergency and traumatic experience early in my life. This had a profound effect on me. It affected how I felt in my body, my lack of ability to feel safe, to feel the essence of who I was. I didn’t know how to go deeper to find my own guidance system. I covered it well enough as I grew up but then dating and relationships happened. They were a mess. I was a mess. I spent time in bad relationships and much time avoiding relationships. It was during this time that my journey of reclaiming myself began. In all honesty, as is true for many of us, I was driven to reach out by my own painful feelings. And, I deeply hoped there was something more, something I was missing that I hadn’t been taught or experienced that could help me.

I began to pursue studies of healing through the body. I found a somatic therapist and began working with them. I soon utilized EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Touch Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique to heal past experiences, release trauma, process blocked energy and began to experience my body as a joyful playground. I also earned my Master’s and became a trauma therapist working with individuals and couples. I learned about adult attachment styles, beneficial communication and how to express needs and desires. I continued to explore my healing and this new embodied playground of my body by practicing Orgasmic Meditation, becoming a sex educator, studying to be a Sexological Bodyworker, learning Bondassage and Elysium. I have also studied with the extraordinary Jaiya Ma and her Erotic Blueprints. It has been a journey filled with a breadth of experiences and emotions, often messy with stuck places, resistance and shame. And it has been filled with compassion, presence and heart. I have gained immensely throughout my journey of reclaimation and have learned that it is really about, when I find myself momentarily(or longer) thrown adrift, knowing how to return to myself.

My journey has brought me to where I am now. I live with love, sex, intimacy and eroticsm integrated within me. I live with a huge capacity for pleasure and ecstatic states. I know how to communicate my desires and how to be an Erotic Team with my partner. I live and own my eroticism. And it is my pleasure to share what I have learned with you.

My Professional Studies and Certificates

  • Certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner

  • EMDR Practitioner

  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique Practitioner

  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco)

  • Sex Educator Certificate (San Francisco Sex Information)

  • Trained in Bondassage and Elysium

  • Training on Adult Attachment and Couples Work

I’m here to help you have the sex life you have always wanted!