Come home to yourself.  Come home to each other.

I am here to support you in finding your way back home to yourself, your connection with loved ones and your vital connection to life itself.

I bring a sex-positive, open-minded, body-centered approach that helps you connect to your innate capacity for pleasure, connection and intimacy. I’m comfortable talking about all things related to sex and relationships. I bring years of professional experience and personal growth work in sex and intimacy which allows me to create a space of acceptance, non-judgement, safety and exploration. In this space we may work together on the Erotic Blueprints, a structured program that provides a clear path guiding you to fully understand your erotic blueprint and to having the great sex and intimacy you crave. In this space we may also work together on specific goals that you bring and more fully address any barriers in the way to having the quality sex and relationships you desire.

In addition to supportive conversation and exploring through dialogue, we may also bring awareness to sensations, breath and body expression, utilize movement, mindfullness, learn skills for self-regulation and deeper embodiment, share practices for deepening communication, explore somatic boundaries and adult attachment styles. Our work may also include Somatic Experiencing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and  EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique).

I offer Erotic Blueprint Coaching and Sex and Intimacy Therapy for individuals and couples in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. And, I work virtually by phone and Zoom Video Conferencing with people outside the Bay Area and throughout the world. I welcome and work with all l gender identities and sexual orientations.  I offer packages for both Erotic Blueprint Coaching & Sex and Intimacy Therapy.

Why Hire an Erotic Coach and Sex and Intimacy Therapist? 

To create real and lasting transformation, most people do. Having an erotic coach/intimacy therapist fast tracks you to the sex life you most desire!

If you’ve been doing the same thing in your sex life without the success you want, are stuck in mediocre sex and sexual dissatisfaction, you need support!  Most people will not prioritize making changes in their sex life unless they have someone holding them accountable and helping them in a personal and structured way.